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We are pleased to introduce to you our New extra analysed odds packages  to suit your betting style and budget  + our rebranded  most succesful package called Bronze High Stake games for professional sports betting.
Its well explained below, just read on ....... and scroll down the page.

Standard Package
  • 10 games daily for 30 days the cost is USD 30   or  Ugx 100,000/=
  • 10 Games daily for 1 week the cost is USD  10   or  Ugx   35,000/=
  • Market analysed is 1X2 only
  • Odds vary from 1.30 to 1.50
  • Goes through 1 level of analysis by our experts
Gold Package
  • 10 games daily for 30days the cost is USD 40 or Ugx 145,000 (Save Ugx 35,000)
  • 10 games daily for 1 week the cost is USD 12 or  Ugx 45,000
  • Market  includes :1X2, GG,Under/Over
  • Odds vary from 1.55 to 2.00
  • Goes through 2 levels of analysis by our experts hence higher accuracy rate

Those who do not have access to Paypal are now paying for their subscriptions via  MTN Mobile Money Transfer.

  • Bronze High Stake Games L1,L2,L3
  • School of Betting Online

Our High Stake Games are for the serious  punters (bettors ) only who join our coveted Bronze Package. Bettors who make money staking high on few games and hence winning high returns daily.

The Bronze package of High Stake games is a monthly package.

We take selected games through a multi layered levels of analysis by different experts, and we aim to at least aid our members in it make an average of 100% to 800% profit on their daily high stake on not more than 2 to 3 games in Level 1 and not more than 4 to 7 in level 2.

Bronze Safe Level 3 is our ultimate reward to the seasoned punter who has made money in betting and believes it is all possible with Professional Sports Betting handled by Experts.


  • Members get 2-3 games daily for High Stake Betting.
  • It goes through 4 levels of analysis by different  betting experts
  • Monthly pre-paid package of USD 30  or  Ugx 100,000/=
  • Weekly pre-paid package of USD 11   or  Ugx  40,000/=
  • 80% of our new members recover their joining fee in 1 day and 20% in 2 days
  • For example Last month we won 28 days out of 30 days in this category.


Let me know how you wish to proceed?


  • You get 4 to 7 games daily for High Stake Betting
  • It goes through 4 levels of analysis by different  betting experts
  • You get  Premium Jackpot analysis of your choice  for 1 month for free in your country  Uganda  worth US50 or Ugx 180,000=. Offer Valid this week only.
  • The Bronze High Stake Level 2 cost is USD 45 per month or  Ugx 165,000 
  • Weekly Pre-paid Package is USD 15 or Ugx 55,000

For example Last month we won 24 days out of 30 days in this category.

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                          BRONZE SAFE LEVEL 3

Bronze Safe Level 3 is for the ultimate High Stake Games Betting members who stake extremely high and have no room for failure.ou get maximum  of 2-3 safe odds daily that pass through 7 levels of analysis by 7 different analysts. In this package we focus on different markets only from trusted leagues worldwide.

You pay USD 100 per month upfront + 10% of your net gain winnings daily 
if you do not want to pay daily commission of your winnings to us you pay USD 300 MONTHLY upfront.

Minimum stake amount for each new member is

**USD 50 Week   1
**USD 100 Week 2
**USD 100 Week 3
**USD 200 Week 4


**Thereafter from Month 2 Minumum daily Stake is USD 200 or equivalent in your local currency

** We average 21-24 days  of service given to members  in this package as some days we tend to miss trusted and well analysed games   agreed upon by the team in charge of this package


Let me know how you wish to proceed?

Discover How to Analyse Football Markets accurately by clicking on the link below

Learn why you dont win Jackpots  or their Bonuses easily and how to correct it to start winning. Click this link below

View some of our past Jackpot Analysis perfomances and how you can join. Click on each link below separately

Jackpots Packages & Bonuses Won in Kenya Recently. Click on links below and if you want Jackpot Analysis in Uganda email back the company name and we shall give you our charges

                                           How to Pay from Uganda.
Our fast growing Uganda membership pay via paypal or MTN Mobile Money Cross Boarder to Transfer . Contact us for Details

                        School of Betting Online

The number 1 reason many people are not winning in betting is due to lack of the right knowledge and lack of right basic skills.

Not knowing which days and leagues to bet and not bet.
Not knowing the over 20 market options in sports betting.
Who said you only have to bet soccer? or win draw?

Any trade,any business any career is as serious as you take it, and you must have its relevant skills and secrets of success.
Join our Magical school of online betting and experience the winning results in your beting business.

  1. Betting Professional Skills Level 1 usd 30
  2. Betting Professional Advanced Skills Level 2 usd 50
  3. Betting Professional Master Level 3 usd 120
  4. Pay for the 3 Levels at once and receive 20% discount
Each of the above courses takes 7 days at 1 hour per day with 30 minutes live chat daily for 3 days towards end of the course with a certified professional betting expert.
  1. Contact us with the  details of the Package you want and your preferred method of payment and we shall give  guide you how to go about it.
    Simply reply back to this email.

    Once you make payment advise us the transaction code   or send us  a photo image of the deposit slip for verification and will give you the games via email,facebook messenger or sms notfication 

  2. Kindly after you pay email us the payment Money Transaction details for authentication on ,
  • or
  • advise us via our facebook message now button page  
  • or
  • via live chat on our website
  • and you will receive your analysed odds as per the number of games paid for after your account is setup in our system and activated.
Chat with our staff for free now by clicking above smiling face for professional advice on best package for you.
We operate in 77 countries worldwide spread across all the 5 continents
with local and global  payment options.
Get in touch and professionalize your sports betting business with us.
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